The mission of the Johnson County Affordable Housing Coalition is to increase access to affordable housing for lower-income people in Johnson County through advocacy, education, and partnership.

What does membership provide?

---Effective advocacy for affordable housing in Johnson County, including regular representation at city/county meetings, support for housing nonprofits, and promotion of local & state policies/funding

---Action alerts, social media updates, and monthly in-person opportunities to learn more about affordable housing initiatives in our community

---Education resources, including 1-1 meetings with officials and presentations to community groups, faith organizations, and residents

---A vote at our Annual Meeting, held every September, including election of board members and officers, overview of finances, and any changes to the organization’s bylaws

---A powerful community of advocates, providers, residents, and officials who share your commitment to safe, stable, affordable housing for everyone who calls Johnson County home


Membership Application


To apply for membership, please provide the information below and select a membership option:

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Thank you for your membership in the Johnson County Affordable Housing Coalition!