Executive Director

Sara Barron


The Johnson County Affordable Housing Coalition is a member-driven organization. Members lead the organization through service on our board of directors and/or our committees and by attending our monthly community meetings and our annual meeting, held each September.

Members lead our organization. We have two types of membership--individual and organizational. Sliding-scale memberships are available to individuals. Our mission requires a diverse, large collection of voices and perspectives. Members, as represented by the Board of Directors, determine the advocacy positions that the Coalition will undertake. Membership dues fuel our work. Members receive education and action ideas that make us stronger advocates for housing justice. Members are also represented in public discussion and policy decisions by our executive director.

Board members are elected by voting members at the annual meeting, and can serve two three-year terms. According to our bylaws, some board members can serve more than two consecutive terms, in the case that they represent one of our local housing/shelter service providers. Each JCAHC member, with the exception of current elected officials, has one vote at our annual meeting.


JCAHC Board of Directors


Andy Martin, Martin Construction

Vice President
V Fixmer-Oraiz,
Astig Planning


Simon Andrew, Housing Fellowship

Crissy Canganelli, Shelter House


V Fixmer-Oraiz, Astig Planning

John Greve, Grace Episcopal Church

Scott Hawes, Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity


June Juenger, Heartland Bank

Ellen McCabe, Housing Trust Fund of Johnson County

John McKinstry


Bronis Perteit, Domestic Violence Intervention Program