Resources For Households
COVID-19 Housing Assistance 3/29/21


Do you (or someone you know) need help paying rent, utility or mortgage bills due to COVID-19?
An online application for financial assistance is available at

Past due payments: Available for payments of costs incurred no earlier than March 13, 2020.
Future payments: Not available at this time.

For electricity, natural gas, propane or fuel oil, water, sewer and/or trash removal. Available for utility payments of costs incurred no earlier than March 13, 2020. Payments will be made directly to landlords and utility service providers.


Up to $3,600 for past due payments (4 months maximum).

Learn more about these assistance programs from Sara Barron, JCAHC Executive Director and Mayor of Iowa City Bruce Teague

If you want help applying for this assistance, there are many Johnson County sites offering in-person help!

Call any of these sites to schedule an appointment or learn about drop-in times:


Johnson County Social Services
(319) 356-6090


Coralville Public Library
(319) 248-1850


North Liberty Public Library
(319) 626-5701


Center for Worker Justice
(319) 594-7593


IC Compassion
(319) 330-9883


You'll need some paperwork and information in order to apply for the Iowa Rent and Utility Assistance Program.

  • Proof of address and identity  If you have a driver license with your current address, that will work for both.

  • A copy of your current lease

  • A written past-due notice that lists the amounts owed. If you are applying for rent, you will need to get this from your landlord. Your utility bills with the current amount owed will work if you are applying for past-due water, electric, etc.

  • Proof of income  This can be your 2020 tax form, your 2020 W-2s, the last 60 days of paystubs. Other statements of income may also work; a full list is on the website.

  • The date of birth for everyone in your household, and social security numbers or ITINs for every adult in your household.


Unfortunately, you will not be able to submit your application for Iowa Rent and Utility Assistance until you have all of these documents ready.

​Also, please note: The cities of Iowa City, Coralville, and North Liberty are willing to wait for utility payments from the Iowa Rent and Utility Assistance before shutting off water, but potential recipients must contact their respective city and request forbearance (phone numbers and websites are listed on each utility bill).

Still looking for help? Johnson County has many other resources that may be able to assist you.


Community Housing Resources

Johnson County General Assistance
Rent, utilities assistance


CommUnity Basic Needs Assistance
Housing and utilities assistance


Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and emergency response funds for utilities

Shelter House
Shelter, eviction prevention, housing stability

Iowa Legal Aid
Legal help with housing, including eviction



Food Pantries

CommUnity Food Bank
1045 Highway 6 East, Iowa City

Coralville Community Food Pantry
1002 5th Street, Coralville,

North Liberty Community Pantry
89 N Jones Blvd, North Liberty
(319) 626-2711
















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