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Register to Watch "Iowa Nice"

Iowa Nice, a new 25-minute film from director Sara Terry, is a discussion with everyday Iowans from across the state, with a focus on Iowa values. With so much uncertainty, economic concern, and political division, are we still able to care for ourselves and our neighbors? And if so, how do we ensure that all Iowans can call our communities "home"?

Register for a free, virtual lunchtime screening and discussion on Friday, November 4, 12-1 pm. Click <<here>> to register.

Additionally, Iowa Nice is now available at no cost to any individual or group who wishes to view, share, and/or discuss the film.

The film can be viewed and/or downloaded at The filmmaker has also provided a discussion guide, as follows:

From the Filmmakers of Iowa Nice We hope that this short documentary, “Iowa Nice,” helps you spark meaningful conversations in your communities. The filmmakers are sharing it for free with any Iowan who wants to download it, host a screening, post on social media, share with friends and family, or send via an organization’s email newsletter list.

These are the questions we asked of Iowans all across the state in June 2022:

  • How do you define home?

  • How do you define the American Dream?

  • How do you define fair play?

  • How do you define greed?

  • How do you define how much is enough, or, How do you know when you have enough?

  • What does a healthy community look like?

  • How do we learn to talk with, and listen to, people with very different opinions from ours?

  • What do you know about mobile home parks and the people who live in them?

  • Who should elected officials work for?

  • Who do elected officials actually work for?

  • What do Iowans get right?

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