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COVID-19 Housing Needs and Solutions: A Report from JCAHC

The Johnson County Affordable Housing Coalition has released a report detailing housing needs and solutions in the wake of ongoing COVID-19 disruption to economic and housing stability.

Based on survey data collected from households and nonprofits, the Coalition recommends immediate action to keep Johnson County residents stably housed through the pandemic. These actions include:

  • Utility relief for residents experiencing economic hardship, with special consideration given to creating a low-barrier application process.

  • Longer-term, temporary tenant-based rental assistance. For a predetermined period of months, participating households pay a set amount based on what they can afford, and the remaining amount is supplemented by local funds.

  • Expanding “Coordinated Entry”—a process wherein all housing nonprofits and funders collaborate to screen and register households and award the appropriate housing assistance, combined with a comprehensive marketing program for Johnson County residents about the assistance available and how to access it.

  • Allocating additional funding to local nonprofits to administer aid.

Read the full report by clicking the button below (report will download).


COVID19 Housing Needs and Solutions
Download PDF • 862KB

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